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Do I have to worry that my employers scales are not correct?


Okay so I am in a workplace that is a restaurant and I use scales to measure how much meat there is. Is it my responsibility to check the scales? This is a certified orthodox restaurant that the owner is G-d fearing. I’m trying to say is there anything I need to do not to cheat. The other workers who are religious use it. There is no reason to say that the scales are invalid but since I don’t know about these things what is my role here. Second question is that the workers are goyim and they first measure the meat. For example a customer wants two pounds of chicken so the worker will try to be accurate and may give 1.9 to 1.99 lb. is that estimation alright and is it my problem that they estimate. Is it okay to estimate in the first place? I am working in a restaurant for the first time and I have no clue what I am responsible for. They provide an electronic weight and I put food on it. Am I okay?

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You don’t have to worry about it because it is understood that not every chicken weighs exactly 2 pounds. Nevertheless you can say when you sell it to them, that it is about 2 pounds, this way they will know that it might not be exact, and even if it isn’t exact they will not have been fooled.

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