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Wearing a Nuvaring outside on Shabbos


Is it permitted to walk in a public domain on Shabbos with a NuvaRing?


Yes it is permitted. The reason is because it is similar to a ring on a woman’s finger, that it is kept there, therefore it is not considered carrying outside. I should be mentioned thought that a woman shold not use birth control without the consent of her rov, and after it has his consent that it is indeed  needed, it is also considered a tzorech haguf, because at this point this is something that she needs.

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Horav S. Felder, R Matisyahu Deutsch, R’ Y. Cahen, R’ Leshinsky, R’ E. Marburger shlit”a. As a side point walking outside with a ring would not be permitted if the woman might take it off in the street to show her friends, however that fear would not apply here.

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  1. this has no connection at all to wearing a ring which is derech malbush and tachsit mamash
    the heter of a refuah being a tachsit is:only when it is derech malbush [m”b 301:88],
    only when it heals [seif 22, 24,25] and not when it is just protective [seif 13, 28 – see m”b there that some allow if it protects from physical injury]
    i don’t see any basis for leniency – would be happy to hear if there is one

    1. You personally don’t see the heter , but all the poskim that this question was discussed with did see this heter. It is meant to be worn for a long time without removing it and it is a tzorech haguf, no less than a bandage, watch (according to the matirim) or kamiya.

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