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Shul selling sefer torah


A shul is running short on money, with an aging membership. May they sell a kosher sefer torah as a means of raising money to keep the shul going?


The rule is that we may not sell an kadosh item unless it is in order to buy something that it more kadosh. Such as selling a bimah in order to but a cover for a sefer torah, or selling seforim in order to buy a sefer torah. Regarding a sefer torah, since there is nothing that is more holy than it, we may not sell it in order to buy anything, this includes the upkeep of the shul. Try finding a different means of raising funds to support the shul, such as selling aliyas, a melava malka, etc.

May H-shem help you find ways to keep your shul running smoothly.


Shulchan Aruch 153-2

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