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Prayer upon entering & leaving the synagogue


Dear rabbi,

Hoping that i don’t send you questions too often (the l.o.r. is away for mishpacha yom tov), i like to ask regarding beis knesset.

It seems clear, that during the shavua one prays before entering or leaving the praying ~”room”.
Now during shabbat / yom tov…is it also a righteous thing to pray before overstepping the door of synagogue/shil/stibl during Jewish festivals or yom hashevi’i ?

I like the pershi way – although one has to be careful not to be ~arrogant but to be honest and with integrity and remind oneself about the humbleness of Moshe Rabbeinu.

A good and blessed week to you,



While I don’t know all the various minhagim in Klal Yisroel, what I do know is that when we enter the shul in the morning we say ” mah tovu…” which is an exclamation of how lucky we are to be able to enter H-shem’s special place of worship. When exiting some say “ H-shem nicheini…” which s a prayer that H-she should help us go in the right path in life.  Tis is a teffilah fo spirituality, which is permitted on Shabos and Yom Tom.

Best wishes


Sharei teshuva O:CH 46-1, Rema O:CH 132-2.

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