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Gay Couple in Shul


I live in Israel and go to a Shul that caters Baalei Teshuva and helps people to come closer. We started having a gay couple in the congregation, one of them says Kaddish. I don’t know why but this bothers me so much. I can’t stand the fact that this is openly accepted as I am afraid H’ will become upset at us, allowing in my eyes such Hillul H’. On the other hand, I know I can be extreme and I am very sensitive with keeping Kedusha and high morals.
What would be our obligation of the Shul? (there is no Rav)
What would be my obligation? Can I pray in such a place that does not protest this behaviour but keeps quite?
I know we can’t hurt people but I feel this is hurting the Shechinah.


You feelings are very correct, we should not accept the fact that people are stamping on kedusha and basic morals, and it should really bother us. On the other hand, we should also be bothered to see people that are desecrating the shabbos without embarrassment. Both are true, however misguided these people are, they still are coming to shul, and it is a place that is meant to help them come closer. We should not in any way accept the abomination of what they are doing, but we should accept them as people. Hopefully with time they will indeed get closer to real Jewish values in general, and maybe after that they will be able to understand that their behavior is wholly incorrect. By pushing them away it will not accomplish anything in regard to making them come closer to H-shem.  You are allowed to continue davening there, however if this bothers you enough you might consider going somewhere else. It is hard to advise you on this without knowing the whole picture why you daven there etc.  Regarding the shul’s obligation, they should not distance them, since they are coming and they are interested. If they can be given an aliya etc., or allowing them to be the chazan is something that the gabboim will have to deal with.

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