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Is there a mitzva of just sitting in shul and not davening or learning? Just being in shul. Thanks


You are asking an interesting question. I once heard R’ Avogdor Miller Zt”l talk about this, and he said that indeed there is a mitzva by just sitting in a shul, even if you are not davening or learning. He said that this is the simple meaning of the posuk “Ashrei yoshvei veisecha”, fortunate are those even if they are merely sitting in your house. This will only apply if the person sitting in the shul is not doing anything inappropriate, such as talk devarim biteilim, idle chatter, lashon hora etc.

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  1. Perhaps R’ Avogdor Miller Zt”l was referring to someone sitting in a shul, and using the time to reflectively contemplate about Hashem and His greatness, or to meditate about man’s purpose in life, and how he can best fulfill Hashem’s will.

    1. What I heard from him was just plain sitting in the shul.

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