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Remodeling Shul

We are remodeling our schul as it is quite old. Are there restrictions on how the space can be reconfigured. The aron kodesh doesn’t face mizrach now and we would like to orient it to the new direction.

Thank you.


It is certainly important to orient the aron ha-kodesh in the mizrach direction. Concerning other matters, it is important to have a hall that leads to the shul, and the bimah should be in the center of the shul. For more details on these and other matters, and sources for various laws and customs, please see our article on the subject here.

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  1. Was there a specific article on the layout/configuration of a shul. The link went to a completely different topic.

    Is there a particular kedushah to a space in the current building where the aron kodesh is located that would prohibit it from being used as a hallway or other use?

    1. No, there is no specific kedushah for this place. Only the Aron itself has special kedusha, and not the place used for the Aron.

  2. In reorienting the Shul, can an area that is now used as the men’s section be included as part pf the women’s section with part of the women’s section then being used as the men’s section?

    1. Yes, there is no problem in making this change.

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