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Is cast a chatzitza


I have a cast on my hand and I don’t know for how long , doctor make a x-ray weekly to see when to remove. Is any way I can go to mikva with a cast or I need to wait


Unfortunately you should wait until the cast is removed, because it is a chatitza, especially in your instance when you are waiting for the cast imminent removal. (You might want to consider asking the doctor if it can be removed, and put back on right afterwards).

Yes it is hard and frustrating, but let’s look at the bright side of it. There are many times when couples are put into situations when they can’t have relations, they can be medical reasons, physical reasons, etc. In your situation the reason you are being separated is because of the performance of a mitzva, therefore you will be handsomely rewarded for doing the mitzva, especially because this mitzva now comes with a lot of hardship. Many times couples go through difficulties, and they aren’t “paid” for it, but you will. Personally I know of numerous instances when a couple had difficulties because of these halachos, and right afterwards they were rewarded with a wonderful child.

May H-shem help you that you should have many wonderful children, that will be talmidei chachomim.

Best Wishes


Y:D 198-10, 23, Chochmas Adom, Chut Shani pg. 307, Shiurei Shevet Halevi-   Sikumei Halacha 198- 23(5), Mareh Cohen pg.115, Mesores Moshe Y:D 168.  There are certain situation that a rov might be lenient, but not in this case.

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