How could my wife immerse with an illeostomy. She has a temporary ostomy for about 3 months, after which it will be reversed. There is a small piece of intestine protruding from her skin, about 2 inches in height, and an inch in width and length. The doctor will not allow her to immerse without covering it with a protective film( tegaderm), out of risk of infection.Is there any way for her to immerse properly.


This is a complicated question. If she is not yet a nida, I would tell you that she should take birth control pills for these three months so that she doesn’t get her period. However if that is not practical for medical reasons, or if she already is a nida, then I would refer you to Rabbi Forst at 1516-239-2500 or the Skver dayav at 1-718-853-3744.

Best Wishes and a refuah Shleima to your wife.


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