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Attending a football match during avelus for a father


My boyfriend and I split up but he said he wished he could talk to me. Unfortunately there is no regular minyan in my town. His avelus ends in a few months. I found that on the bank holiday weekend there will be s visiting delegation from a yeshiva with their rabbi so we will have a minyan here plus a Shabbaton programme of religious discussion. I invited him but he said he couldn’t come as his team may be in a cup final and he would want to attend the match. I would have understood if he said he couldn’t come to my town to attend my shul (although it is Orthodox Ashkenazi) but I don’t believe he can attend football games. He has been very frum in not listening to music or playing his piano so this does not make sense to me? Thank you.


Without getting into the issue weather one should or shouldn’t attend a ballgame, regarding aveilus, it is hard to give an exact answer because it depends on your situation. If you have a need to go, then regarding “tiyul” it is permitted, because you have a need, however if it is just for the fun of it, then it should not be done during the aveilus year.

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