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Covering the Knee


1. What is the source for covering the knee. In Halacha the most it says is “עד”.

2. According to opinions that tefach beishsha applies to all body parts would it be permissible to wear a skirt up to 3.5 inches above?


  1. is a machlokes among the poskim what is called “שוק” that is required to be covered. Some poskim say that it is until the ankle, however the Mishna Berura and others say that it is until the knee. What the Mishna Berura says “עד” until the knee, means including the knee, meaning that the whole knee should be covered.
  2. The Mishna Berura 75:7 says in the name of the Taz and others, that less than a tefach does not apply to the thighs (which start from the knee), therefore even if just a drop of her knee is showing even her husband may not say kriyas shema or brachos.  front of her. The reason is that the thigh is a place which is subject to more illicit thoughts.



  1. Mishna Berura 75-2. See Halichos Bas Yisroel chap. 4 ftnt. 25, in the name of R’ S. Z. Auerbach and R’ Eliyashiv zt”l. Also see Livusha Shel Torah 45-1 who brings a letter from R’ Moshe zt”l “וגם להודיע שחובת בת ישראל ללבוש בגדים  כשרים אשר לא יתגלה בהן אפילו משהו מהברכים ח”ו הן בשעת הילוך והן בשעת ישיבה”.
  2. Taz O:CH 75-1, Mishna Berura 75:7.

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