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Items Not Sent-Halacha


Thank you for your help.
I ordered several mezuzahs a few months ago and delayed opening the box. I recently opened the box as I was hoping to put them up. I am wrong for delaying opening the box. However, I ordered the mezuzahs with scrolls and only the mezuzahs, not the scrolls were sent. My question is- if I “forgive” the fact that I paid for the scrolls, does that make the business owner guilty of theft since I did pay for them and not receive them? I am willing to repurchase the scrolls as to avoid conflict, as it was my fault for delaying opening the delivery, however what is the halacha if I was charged by a Jewish company, and did not receive the goods- am I allowed to “forgive it” and let it go as this is for the purpose of not creating conflict between Jews? Thanks.


You can just forgive the person if that is what you want to do, but if you ordered something and it didn’t come, you are entitled to say something and make a claim to receive it. You can contact the company, and explain what happened, hear what they say, without getting angry. If after contacting them, you decide to forgive the claim, that is a very commendable, to keep the peace in Klal Yisroel.

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