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last day of kaddish


What are the halachos of the last day for saying kaddish (11 months) for a parent ? If the minhag in a shul is to have only one person say kaddish, does the last kaddish sayer have kadima > Is he supposed to get an aliya that day ? Does he give tikun ? Anything else of significance thats supposed to be done ?


Technically a person should say kaddish for 12 months, however the gemora says that the din on rishaim is for 12 months, therefore the custom is the the mourner does not say kaddish for the last month in order that it shouldn’t look like he is considering his parent to be a rasha. Since technically he should say kaddish for a full year, but since he is stopping and the other epople that are during thier year, will have more kaddeishim that they can say, therfore he is given kadima to say all of the kaddeishim of the last day. This however will only apply to mourners who are in thier year, but not to a person in shloshim, or a person that has yahrtzeit, because they would have kadima regardless even if he would continue to say kaddish.  (According to some poskim he would still be able to say one kaddish).

I am not aware of anything else specifically that has to be done, such as getting an aliyah, or giving tikun.

Hamakom yinachem eschem btoch shar aveilei tzion v’yerushalayim.


Divrei Sofrim 376-104,

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