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Minyan restricting aveilim


Can a minyan have a policy that aveilim don’t have precedence for being shaliach tzibur? The question concerns a “teen minyan” which has been established to give bochurim a chance to become more facile with davening for the amud, and for many of them, it is what encourages them to come to shul. Periodically, however, (older) aveilim who would normally be davening in the regular minyan go to the teen minyan, with the result being that they take the amud away from the bochurim. Can the teen minyan establish that the aveilim don’t have a right to do that?


A minyan that is set up with certain policies has to right to give the precedence to whomever they see fit. This is similar to a person that has a private minyan in his home, that he has to right to give the amud to whoever he wants.


Kinyan Torah 2- 91 (2)

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