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Eating before mincha for a woman.


I’ve been learning the halachot of tfillah and just learned that it is prohibited to eat before davening mincha, from the time that zman tfillah begins until you have davened – and that the few leniencies are only in regards to those who have a set time to daven with a minyan.
I daven on my own at home, usually sometime between mincha ketana and shkiah, as I learned that is the ideal time to do So.
That being said, if I am waiting to daven until at least mincha ketana, and sometimes can’t daven until shkiah, am I not permitted to eat the entire day from the time of mincha gedolah?
And if so, does this apply to all food, just hamotzi, or just a seudah?


This halacha only applies to eating a meal from half an hour before mincha ketana, unless it is a big seuda, such as a bris meal etc. therefore you can wash to eat pizza etc. for lunch if it is earlier then half an hour before mincha ketana (the 10th hour of the day).

Additionally, even after ths time it is permitted to eat less than a k’beitza, (an eggsworth which is the size of 2 kzeisim) of bread and as many fruits etc. as you wish. Regarding eating cake there are differant opinions if the amount is a k’beitza or more than that.

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