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Making Tea on Shabbos


Hello. Since there is a rule that Pouring (Iruy) from a Kli rishon, only cooks kedei klipah, why isn’t one allowed to pour from a kli rishon into a cup containing a tea bag, since the only thing that will “cook” is the bag?


The reason we can not pour from a kli rishon on to the tea is because tea is considered kalei habishul, and can cook even in a kli sheini.


Shulchan Aruch 318-4,  Mishna Berura 39.

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  1. in this case, if one were to simply pour on the bag without immersing it into the cup it would be allowed? (for example keeping the bag on top of the glass and pouting from kli rishon over it into the glass)

    1. NO, because iruy is no less than kli sheini.

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