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Baking then frying or Vice Versa


A gutten.
Please clarify for me the halocha of  צליה אחר טיגוןand vice versa. If the differentiation in Bishul is between a process in which the food is submerged in liquid (boiling & deep frying) and a process that uses dry heat or little liquid, does that mean that  צליהand shallow frying are Muttar one after the other as אין בישול אחר בישול. Or is the fact that they come out with distinct tastes enough to make them ossur like בישול אחר אפיה.
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You are asking a very good question. There are poskim that say like both sides of your question. According to most poskim though, the difference between בישול  and אפיה is not the different taste, rather because it is considered a different process, as one is a dry heat and the other wet . For example, most poskim say that something that was deep fried is considered cooked, even though deep-fried food tastes different then cooked food, nevertheless they are still considered one type of process. Similarly most poskim say that אין צלי אחר אפיה because both of them have a similar process that they are both effected by a dry heat.  The question though is how do we classify frying with a little oil, is it considered dry or wet? It is controversial among the poskim. Some say that frying regarding Hilchos Shabbos is similar to frying in Hilchos Brachos that if the food was fried in oil even if it wasn’t deep fried, (as long as it wasn’t just to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom of the pan), others however are strict about this and consider it to be like צלי.

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