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driving car after candle lighting


My shul is very far away. may I drive my car there after lighting candles?(for yom kippur)
And is there a source for this


When a women lights her candles she is mekabel shabbos etc. and may not do melacha afterwards. In cases of need, she is allowed on a one tiome basis to stipulate that she is not mekabel shabbos yet. To drive to your shul to daven is a valid reason to make this condition, and therefore she shold stipulate that for this time she is not yet mekabel Yom Kippur, andConditon for Candles lighting she should make sure to be mekabel Yom Kiippur afterwards a few minutes before shkiya (sunset).  () As a side point there are poskim who say that when a woman lights with a condition, she should make the bracha and then lighther candles.

Men are not mekabel Shabbos etc. when lighting candles, therefore there is no problem for a man to drins to shul after lighting neiros, although it is prefferable that men also make the condition not to be mekabel Shabbos or Yom Kippur at hadlokas neiros.

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Rema O:CH 263-10, Biur Halacha 263 5 D:H Achar, M:B 263- 42, Aruch Hashulchan 263-11.

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