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Donated KIPPOT


I would like to buy in honor of fATHERS YARZEIT, Z”L kippot for my shul. These kippot are used for men entering the SHUL who might not be religious(SHOMAR SHAABBOS), or sometimes a person might forget his KIPPA. The man might take the KIPPOT and put in his pocket, and walk with it outside. In other words, carry the KIPPA outside in an area WITHOUT an ARUV. WILL I be causing the person to CARRY ON SHABBOS? LFNEI AYVERE. Since I’m donating it for my DAD, Z”L, I would like to make sure it won’t cause carrying on sHABBOS, and be MICHSAL a person to do an AVERA(SIN)??


It is not lifnei iver and you can give them the kippot to wear. You should just put up a sign that (unless someone wants to wear it until permanently or until they get home) the kippot should be deposited back in the box before leaving the shul building etc. Once you taught them the halacha, and they decide to do not like the halacha, it is not your issue.

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