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Washing toveled dish/ glass in non kashered sink


Thank you for your help.
If a toveled dish/utensil (any kashered item) is washed with kosher soap and water in a non kashered sink (the sink is made of porcelain), however the toveled item does not touch the sink, nor is it set down in the sink, it is just rinsed off with water and kosher soap- does it this render it non-kosher (since maybe some splash of the clean/ empty but not kashered sink could splash and absorb into the kosher utensil? Would it be ok to wash the item in only cold water or does it not make a difference since the kashered utensil is not touching the sink…)? For example, a porcelain plate that has been kashered, can it be washed in a non-kashered porcelain sink and still remain kosher for use?
Thanks again.


When buying a pot or utensil from a gentile that is made of metal or glass, it needs to be toveled, and if it was used by the gentile to cook non kosher it also needs kashering. Once it has been made kosher to use. If you wash it without it touching the inside of the non kosher sink, even if it is washed in hot water it is still kosher. We are not afraid that some of the hot water will splash off the sides of the walls because it will only be iriuy kli sheini, and it will not make the dishes trief.  Also if you use cold water it will still be kosher.

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