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Washing hands


  1. Is one allowed to drink water in middle of marital relations or not allowed?
  2. If permitted, is one required to wash one’s hands each time before drinking?
  3. If a bracha was made before the start of relations can one rely on that and no need to make another bracha or do you need to make a bracha again?


Thank you for your question.

  1. It is allowed to drink, however when making a bracha the bottom half of you should be covered with a blanket etc. Additionally one should not be facing his wife if she isn’t b’tnius then.
  2. Once one has said the bracha there is no need to say it again unless the person didn’t want to continue drinking anymore. Otherwise there is no need to say another bracha.
  3.  Correct, in fact this is the preferred way to do it.

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O:CH 74-1, 2, 75-1.

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