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Bracha on Caramel Apples


What Bracha would one make on a caramel-coated apple? What about if one dips apple slices in peanut butter or cookie spread, should they be making a bracha for the dip and the apple separately?
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There is discussion among the poskim what bracha to make on chocolate coated nuts, if the nut is the main part or the chocolate. My understanding of a caramel coated apple is that it is a whole apple that is dipped into caramel, to give it a good taste. Therefore the apple is the “ikar” and the caramel is the “tafel”, and the bracha would be hoetz. The same would be when dipping apple slices into peanut butter, my understanding is that the peanut butter is giving the apple a better taste. However if you want to eat, both the peanut butter and the apple, but it is more practical to eat them together in this fashion, then both are considered ikar, and you should make a bracha on each one separately, similar to eating tuna salad and crackers, since he wants both foods, and none of them is servicing the other, that both of the foods are an ikar. If however yo really only want the peanut butter, and the cracker is merely serving as your spoon, then the bracha would be shehakol.

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O:CH 212- 1,2, M:B 212- 6,13. Sharei Habracha 16-28.

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