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Leaving meat in a freezer Outdoors


Hi, I have a fridge / freezer Outdoors and would like to know if there is a problem with the meat that will be in the freezer being that it is outdoors and it is not being watched or guarded by a jew constantly. Does it have to be sealed in any way? Thanks!( I live in a suburban area, the fridge / freezer is in my backyard with no gate and can be accessed by anyone)


It is permitted since the meat was in an enclosed area, we are not afraid that an animal etc. exchanged it with different meat. Additionally we are not afraid that a gentile exchanged it because he would be afraid of bring caught inside you property without permission, especially if you have no reason to assume that something happened or that it was exchanged or tampered with.

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Y:D 63-2, 118-2, 10

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