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Yayin Nesech by Muslims and Christians and irreligious non-jews


Outside of idolatrous places like india, is there a true Yayin Nesech issue these days, or is it just something nice to do? There seems to be zero or extremely rare cases where any goy used wine or grape juice in an avoda zara ritual.


You are correct, we don’t really have true nowadays in our areas, however there is a Rabbinic enactment called “stam yaimon” prohibiting the wine of any gentile. There are two reasons for this, the first one is to separate us from using wine that is real yayin nesech,. The second reason is in order separate us from socializing with the gentiles, which can lead to intermarriage- a phenomenon that unfortunately is all to common nowadays.

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Avoda Zara 36b, Y:D 123-1, Taz 1.

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