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Is wearing tzitzit necessary when working at cemetary?


Shalom. I work at a cemetery, that’s why I always wear my tzitzit inside my pants. Besides, that my work involves a lot of sweating and I feel it is not very respectful towards this garment, I also worry, that they might stick out during work, which would be disrespectful towards the dead.
1. Is there a point in wearing my tzitzit in my working place?
2. If there is no point, then would I need to lose out on that mitzvah entirely during the winter months, when I start working with sunrise and finish after shkiah?


You are correct that you should not wear your tzitzis outside or your pants, but you can wear then inside and even if they get sweaty it isn’t disrespectful to the tzitzis, as long as you aren’t wearing it as a garment meant to absorb sweat. Therefore some poskim say that it should be worn on top of an undershirt. In order to maintain the respect of the tzitzis from looking all sweaty, you can get a number of pairs, and have them washed more often.

This way you will be zoche to wear your tzitzis all day and you will have the reward of this mitzva, together with the reward for the difficulty involved.

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Oz Nidberu 2- 65, Halichos Shlomo (Tefillah) 3-11, Rivivos Efrayim 4-15. Note- It is brought in Yad Moshe (Dardak) that R’ Moshe zt”l was asked if a boy is allowed to remove his tzitzis while playing ball and they will get all sweaty, and he answered that it is permitted but it is still not the correct thing to do.

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