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Negiah after marraige


Is it Asur to hug or hold your wife’s hand in public? What’s considered public


The Rema (E:H 21-5) says that a couple may not show affection to each other when other people can see them. The Taz explains that this is for two reasons, first of all because it is not in line with the tznius that a couple are supposed to have. The affection that couple have for each other is part of their special bond, and by showing it off, and displaying it in public, it diminishes the special bond between them, and instead of thining only about your wife your mind automatically will thinkk of how it looks to lther people, and into a show for others. The less external it is, the more internal it will be.  The second reason is because it will cause others to have improper thoughts. Public means where other people can see them.

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