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Saying all four Parshios when wearing Tefillin



  1. While I know there is the common minhag to say the two parshios right after you put on your tefillin, do they have to be said right then or could they be said after davening? Or is it better to say it then but you do not have to?
  2. I also have the same question regarding all of Birchas Hashachar
    And are there any mekoros for this
    Thank you so much


  1. It is best to say “Kadaish” and V’hoyo Ki Yiveacha” after putting on your tefillin, sometime before starting Pesukei D’zimra, as this way they are being said in the order they appear in the Torah, as these two are in Shemos, and the Shema and Vhoyo Im Shamoa are in Devorim. However if you didn’t say them then you can say them after davening, but before you take your tefillin off.
  2. Regarding Birkas Hashachar, it is better to say them before davening, but if they weren’t said beforehand most of them can be said afterwards, however there are a few exceptions. 1. Al Netilas Yodayim can not be said after davening, because according to some Rishonim it is a bracha for washing hands for davening. 2. Elokai Neshomo should not be said after davening because according to some poskim, it is included in the bracha of Mechayeh Hamaisim. There is an option though; when saying Mechaye Hameisim, to have specifically in mind that you don’t want to be yotza Elokai Neshomo, with this bracha, and then it may be said after davening. 3. Birkas Hatorah should be said before davening, because after davening it is controversial if it was included in Ahava Rabba. If one did forget to say it before davening, the best thing is to have in mind to be yotza it when saying Ahava Rabba, and to make sure to learn something right after saying Shemona Esrei.

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  1. M:B 28-16, Sharei Teshuva O:CH 38-13.
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