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Mixed milchigs/fleishigs


Fish that was baked in a milchig toaster oven, together with lentils/rice/onions cooked in a milchig pot were mistakenly put on a fleishig corelle plate and reheated in a fleishig microwave. What is the status of the corelle plate and fleishig cutlery?
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Thank you for your question.

The fish is fine, as it was a nat bar nat, and we will assume that the toaster oven was an aino neb yomo. Regarding the lentils/rice/onions, it depends on how they were cooked. If the onions were cooked together with the lentils, then the Correlle and cutlery are fine, because then we will not consider the onion to be a davar charif, therefore the utensils will remain a nat bar nat and aino ben yomo. However if the onions were cooked by themselves and then the lentils placed inside the milchig pot, then the onions are considered real milchig, and could make a problem for the Correlle and utensils.

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