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Fish and onions cooked in milchig pot and reheated on fleishig plate


Thank you so much for your help!

Fish that was baked in a milchig toaster oven, together with lentils/rice/onions cooked in a milchig pot were mistakenly put on a fleishig corelle plate and reheated in a fleishig microwave. I don’t recall exactly how I cooked the lentil dish, however most likely I sauteed the onions first and then added the lentils and rice to the onions, added water and cooked it all together. This mixture was then reheated on a different day in the fleishig microwave. In this case, what is the status of the Corelle plate and utensils?
Thank you so much for this amazing website!


Thank you for your question.

The fish is fine, as it was a nat bar nat, and we will assume that the toaster oven was an aino ben yomo. Regarding the lentils/rice/onions, that is a little more complicated, however we can also say on that that it doesn’t make the dishes treif. Although the onion were fried and did become milchig, they are considered a nat rishon, and the dishes nat sheini, together with the fact that we can assume that the cutlery, dishes and microwave were not a ben yomo. An additional factor here is that the Corelle is made of glass, which is controversial if it needs hagalah. Additionally it is very possible that between the lentils, beans, fish etc. they were 60 times the onions. Between all of these considerations you do not have to kasher anything.

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