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Slaughter Chickens For Kapporus If Not Used


Lechvoud Harrabonim,
I use a big Kaporus Center for my Kaporus. I learned that since there is a very big demand on Erev Yom Kipper and it is impossible to make the chickens kosher they throw all the slaughtered chickens in garbage. My question is first am I Yotzie the obligation of Kaporus, and are they allowed to slaughter if they know it goes to the garbage, are you allowed to kill an animal if you don’t plan to use it, or maybe this is called used?


If what you learned is true, it sounds like a terrible baal tachshis, and a disservice to the customers who think that the chickens are going to feed poor people, however you are yotze the minhag of kaparos, and the kapara is still there. The main kapora is that the chicken is slaughtered, and that you are giving its value to tzedakah. For example, if a person’s chicken was found to be a triefa, the person does not have to do kaparos again, since the main kapara was accomplished. Since the chicken is not going to be eaten by the poor people, you should give the chicken’s value to tzedakah. The Mishna Berura says that it is preferred to give the chicken’s value to tzedakah after the kaparos then to actually give the chicken to the poor person, in order to avoid embarrassing the poor person.


M:B 505-5, Piskei Teshuvos 505-3.

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