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Black Magic and Avoda Zara


I have an urgent question. My mother has a vacation apartment at the beach that I have been using with my children on a regular basis. My mother is 94 and has a lot of health problems and is being taken care of by my sister. My sister told me that another person has been trying to kill her, my mother and me +my family, so her acupuncturist who is also a magic healer, placed a cup and a buddha statue in that apartment because the aggressor put at least 7 ghosts into that place that travel from there to my mothers home to try to kill them. The only reason why they’re still alive is because the healer protects them on an ongoing basis from the attacks, even though it is very hard for him.
The 2 items in the apartment can not be touched moved or covered, because that would almost immediately kill my mother and sister. Am I still allowed to go to that apartment for vacation with my children?


Although this will be difficult for you, in the situation as it is now, you should not go to the apartment. The Jews are commanded to place a kosher mezuzah on the doorpost of our home, and that provide us with the protection that we need- directly from Hashem. On the outside of the mezuza it is written hashem’s holy name ש-ד-י, which is also the acronym for the words שמר דלתות ישראל- the one who protects the doors of the Jews. Aside from this Torah Jewry does not believe in placing an idol to protect us, in fact doing so is a severe prohibition. You should not be in the vicinity of an avoda zara, especially if you will be told that it is “protecting you”. Aside from this there are numerous other issues, with going to this vacation home, as discussed in the following post

May Hashem save us all from getting close to avoda zara

Best wishes

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