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Laundry service making pickup on Shabbos


After catering a party can your laundry service pick up the dirty tablecloths on shabbos after the party is over?


There are two issues here. First of all, when the dry cleaners comes, it is a publically noticed action, that is quite noticeable, and it looks like he was told to come on Shabbos to pick it up. Secondly, even if you would tell them that they don’t necessarily have to come on Shabbos, it isn’t reasonable for them to come at any other time. Therefore it is considered as if you asked them to do it on Shabbos. It isn’t reasonable, to tell the cleaners that they can only come to pick up the laundry after Shabbos, because they usually don’t work so late and don’t pick things up then. You don’t want them to wait until Sunday to pick it up, because you don’t want to leave a mess until then, and you may not even have access to the hall at that time. Therefore it is problematic to have them come on Shabbos for it.

Bes wishes


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