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Parshas noach


After the Kabul noach sent a dove which brought back a branch from a tree.
1)How was there a tree, didnt the Kabul destroy even 3 tefachim of the ground?
2)I heard that it got the branch from yerushalayim, which wasn’t affected by the Kabul. But then how did it prove anything to noach?

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Correct, the Midrash brings such an opinion, and Targum Yonasan Ben Uziel also says it. The Ramban 8-11 asks your question, and he answers, that the mabul did not rain in Eretz Yisroel, and the underground waters didn’t destroy everything that was there as in all the other countries. However the water from the other countries did run into Eretz Yisroel. Therefore the mountains were covered with water, however when the water started to go down, the top branches of the trees were visible, whereas in other countries it was all destroyed.

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