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Kiddush and Sundown


Dear Rabbi,

Last week I awoke late after mother and father lit candles and they had burned out. I proceeded to do a kiddish with just the bracha for the fruit of the vine.

I have irregular sleep and sometimes this happens.

How close to sundown can you light if the eighteen minutes are past? Badly, I want to sanctify sabbath but did not make kiddush. When the candles are out should I address the kiddish proper or just cordially begin a regular meal just great I feel safer my nourish?

It seemed I did not feel as family well but I did grade it acceptable. Do I make kiddish after the candles burn out?

Thank you.


You would make kiddush even if the candles have already burned out. In fact lighting the candles and making kiddush are two independent ideas. The reason we say kiddush on shabbos eve is because we are commanded to sanctify the shabbos and declare that it is special. The reason we light candles is in order to give light to the home, and to make the shabbos meal elegant. Therefore even though the candles already burnt out, you would still say the regular kiddush,.

You may light candles up until two minutes before sundown.

Best wishes


Shabbos 25b, Rashi and Tosefos there, Igros MOshe O:CH 1-96.

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