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Bedika question day 1


So today was day 1 of Shiva nekiim. I performed morning bedika but not sure if I did it correctly like if I did it deep enough or rotated enough. I try to do both best of my ability but this time I second guessed myself so I waited a bit and did it again but at that time had internal dryness so again i still wasn’t sure if I did it properly. But I wasnt worried because i knew I would perform it again in the evening. But evening came and i missed shkiya by a few minutes. Apparently shkiya here was 4:28 and I did the bedika around 4:32/4:33. Is this all still acceptable to continue? I think I remember learning there is some leeway with doing one after shkiya but I want to verify exactly how many minutes.
Thank you


You can continue your shiva neki’im. This is because you did the second bedika, and even if you didn’t you still did the first one in the morning.

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