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Zman shehatzibbur mispallelein


The Halocho is that if one cannot daven with a Minyan at least one should daven when the Zibbur is davening.
1. How do we deal with this today as practically speaking in many larger communities there is constant or near constant Minyanim – so which Minyan does one “pick”. I could not find anything about ones “regular ” Minyan mentioned in Poskim.

2. Is it referring to starting the same time or (being the main aspect of Tefillah Betzibbur) starting Shemone essre the same time. Inevitably, davening beyechidus one reaches Shmone Esse often a little earlier, is one to time rather this to be “Betzibbur”?

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  1. According to some poskim, if there are a lot of minyanim davening in his city, he can be part of any one that he likes, however according to others it is specifically the shul that he usually davens in.
  2. Davening when the tzibbur is davening means to daven Shemona Esrei at the same time. There is an opinion that chazoras hashatz is also considered the time when the tzibbur is davening.

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  1. See Eishei Yisroel 8 ftnt. 31who brings Kehilos Yackov Likutim 3-1, that if he is a city that there are always minyanim then he always has this, and he would not have to be careful about this. However he also brings the opinion of R’ Neuwirth zt”l who held that it goes according the shul that he usually daven in.
  2. Pri Chadash 90-9 brought in Eishei Yisroel 8 ftnt. 34.

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