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Cheating in Highschool


I’m a student in highschool. I’m new to judaism so i don’t really know that much yet about so i hope you can help me. I cheated in some of my highschool tests. I have also cheated in test not related to my highschool tests. This test is required by the college. If i write the grade of this test in my college admission and they accept me and then i graduate from college and work is the money i earn tainted or prohibited by god.Will god not forgive me for using this money in my life? Please let me know because i really regret cheating and i don’t want to do something that god doesn’t like



It is very admirable that you feel so bad about having cheated and make it clear that this is not something that will be repeated.

You’re asking a very important question. Cheating is forbidden. The Talmud teaches us that Hashem’s “signet” is truth.

Regarding your question, the money is not at all “tainted”- the past is the past, as the future brings with it new and fresh opportunities.

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  1. Look at The Igres Moshe ch”m 2, 30 who says the money he will make is nichlal in geneiva.

    Kol Tuv,

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