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Follow up about Hashem emotionally supporting Dor HaMidbar


Wow how beautiful!!! I didn’t know that about the Ananei HaKavod and it warms my heart to think of it as a constant ongoing hug from Hashem. And also, I think the Mishkan came AFTER Cheit HaEgel, right? So that means Hashem DID give extra love and reassurance after the sin, right? Wow that’s really beautiful and heartwarming and it makes me feel loved too, knowing Hashem did that for us, even if I wasn’t personally in that generation, but it’s in the Torah, so that means it’s for all of us, right? I really love Hashem and He loves us too, always. Thank you for explaining. Do I understand it correctly now?


Yes. Hashem loves us always, even when He has to punish us and fix us from the silly things that we do. For example, a child that didn’t listen to his parents, played with a knife and now he needs stiches. The stiches will hurt, but putting them in is still and act of care for the welfare of the child, even though it is indeed very painful.

Have a good Shabbos



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