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Is it permissible to have Reiki  done on me? The reason I’m interested in trying it is because I’ve suffered from depression for many years and have been in traditional therapy throughout. Although I am doing significantly better and function well daily, I still suffer. I’ve tried almost every type of mental health therapy and have benefitted tremendously from them. I do believe that an alternative approach utilizing energy healing would be helpful. I’m not sure of the halachic issues on this matter but I did find an article on your site discussing this topic. It seems that there are opposing psaks on it and I’m not sure how to understand it for myself.
Thank you so much


Using Reiki is problematic according to many poskim, including R’ Eliyashiv and R’ Y. Belski zt”l and others. The reason is because the idea behind it is to harness different “energies”, whose source is either in avoda zara or sorcery.

Hashem should help you find a cure to your illness, and you should have a full recovery.

Best wishes

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