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Avoda zara when bending down


I’m dealing with crazy anxiety that I think I’m constantly doing avodah zara. I’m always shaking my head wildly and I’m going crazy. Every time I there’s something above my head( the light mirror etc.) and I put my head down I think I did Avoda zara. Is it true that it’s like I bowed down to avodah zara??
Please help me


It is good that you asked your question, because now you will know that there is no need to worry about this at all. The issue that you have right now is not one of possible avoda zara, but a serious attack from your yetzer hora. He is playing games with you in order to make you nervous. It is only considered avoda zara if you bow down to something if the item is something that is worshipped, and to the best of my knowledge, people are not worshipping light mirrors. Additionally, you are not bowing in front of it in order to subjugate yourself or show honor to it or any power. Therefore it has nothing to do with avoda zara.  There is no halacha stating that we may not bend down to get something if there is an object in front of us! The reason is as stated.

If you have anxiety issues, you would really be helping yourself by speaking to your doctor. He might be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.

Best wishes

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