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Moving a burial after internment for 40 years?


My wife was nifter in 2017. After placing a matzayva a year after, I noticed the grave behind her was someone I worked with and knew had serious mental issues and attempts at suicide. I actually visited this person when she was admitted to a mental hospital. On a later visit, I noticed that the matzava and grave of this person were no longer there. I was in disbelief and am wondering what reasons would the nifteres be moved?


There are a number of reasons why a body might be have been moved. It could sinmply be that the family doesn’t know that we don’t move a deceased person’s body unless there is a valid reason to do so. It could also be that the person was buried with the intention that it will eventually be moved. Or because she was moved to a burial plot which would be together with her parents, or in order¬† to be moved to Eretz Yisroel.

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Yora Deah 363-1,2.

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