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Mars landing


I know this is not purely halacha – but what torah sources are there which is relevant to NASA`s recent Mars landing. Would appreciate your response !
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The fact that we can now reach places that we never were able to reach is really spectacular (obviously it is with Hashem’s help, but nevertheless it is spectacular).
I once heard an idea from R’ E. Tauber zt”l. That when Moshiach comes there will be a tremendous abundance of Torah knowledge, as the Posuk says, (Isiah 11-9) “and the world will be full of knowledge of Hashem, like the sea covers the earth”. Meaning that after Moshiach comes there will be a “sea of knowledge”. Additionally, it is brought that as we get closer to the time of Moshiach, Hashem is preparing the world to have this tremendous sea of knowledge. However, if we don’t act the way we are supposed to, this spiritual knowledge, can be converted by negative forces, and instead of it being more Yiras Shimayim, it will appear to be material knowledge, science etc. So, one hand landing on Mars is an unbelievable thing, but on the other hand, it should give us a message, that IY”H Moshiach should come soon, and we should spiritually prepare ourselves for it and try to correct ourselves in any way we can.
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