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Post mikvah question


I got back from the the mikvah but it’s too late to call our local halacha hotline and I don’t want to bother them during emergency hours. in General I am OCD in nidda issues. But I spent maybe 20 to 30 minutes doing my nails. There not even long nor are they polished. I always check to make sure they are cut and smooth and and i even made sure they did not “catch” against any towel or robe. It seems even double and triple checking I may have missed the tiniest edge of nail as I noticed while getting redressed. I freaked out and quickly rubbed my hands on the ground as I was walking back to the car and possibly made it even worse. I also noticed a tiny lose piece of skin that I didn’t see earlier around my finger that i also Are these things issues?



It is fine, and you do not need to go back to the mikva.

Best wishes



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