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Length of Teffilin Shel Rosh Straps


Hi, I B”H just purchased a new pair of tefillin. After adjusting the knot for the head, the strap ends seem a bit off. One end extends to my waist and the other to my knee. I have heard that there is an idea for one to be longer (where does this come from?) Is this the correct amounts–by the waist and knee–or should I have the knot re-tied? Where should they be ideally? Thanks a lot.



There is an idea that the two straps should not be the same length, Some say that the right should be until the navel and the left until the chest, others however say that the right one should be until the bris, and the left until the navel. The reason for this is a kabala. Many people have it longer than this, just be careful that the right should be longer, and that none of them drag on the floor.

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Shulchan Aruch 27-11, M:B 27- 41, Shulchan Aruch Horav 27-20, PIskei Teshuvos 27-21.


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