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Preparing for weekday on Shabbat


Kavod haRav,
Some items were purchased several months ago to be worn l’kavod Shabbat. I believe I said that they were l’kavod Shabbat when purchasing them (or close to). For several reasons, some being tznius, I do not feel that they are appropriate to be worn for Shabbat. May I try them on over Shabbat to fulfill the intention to “wear them l’kavod Shabbat” with the intention of donating them during the week, or may they be donated without wearing over Shabbat without risk of “disrespecting”the blessing of buying them for Shabbat…thank you sincerely.


Thank you for your question.
The clothing that you bought for the honor Hashem’s was a good deed, and you will be rewarded for it, because you spent money for the honor of Hashem’s Shabbat. Now, for good reason you feel that it isn’t kavod Shabbat anymore to wear them, you do not have to try them on or specifically wear them on Shabbat. You can donate them to someone who it will be befitting for them to wear without having to try it on first.
Best wishes


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