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Must I pay for a medical visit when the exam was not performed?


I made an appointment for my annual visit with a local eye doctor to update my prescription. I said I cannot wear a mask because I become hypoxic. The nurse suggested I wear it as long as I could and then the doctor would step outside and give me a chance to breathe and feel better. I agreed. However, the doctor was visibly apprehensive and at the end I was directed to another specialist for the final exam. I explained to the new doctor what had happened and that I was not sure about the result of my exam and she agreed saying that according to the results, I was blind and she clearly saw that I was not blind, so she apologized and suggested to come again and request a different doctor. I did not receive my updated prescription. But I did receive a very hefty bill. I tried to speak with the specialist but she never responded. I called the office and was told to send an email, I did, but no response. I have tried every possible way to explain that the exam was not right and that I never received my updated prescription which was the purpose of my visit and that the specialist knows what happened, but I have not received an email or a phone call acknowledging my complaint or any interest in resolving the matter. Yom Kippur is coming up and I’d like to know what to do. I did visit another eye doctor and I was able to get my prescription. Thank you.



Thank you for your question.

It is hard to answer a question of such nature without hearing the other side of the story from the other party. In the mean time you can send them another e-mail stating your case but add a line that at this point your e-mail was not responded to, and you cannot pay them until there is dialogue, and this is worked out. You do not have an issue of Yom Kippur because it isn’t clear yet that you indeed owe them the money. Besides this, you should think that whatever the psak will be, you will pay whatever money you owe them right away, and this helps regarding Yom Kippur.

Have a gmar chasima tova

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