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Parameter of Emes


I have a few scenarios that I wanted to know if one is over on midvar sheker tirchak.
1. Many home security systems place a sticker or a sign up in front of the home to show that it’s not worth trying to break into this home since it is protected. If one moves into such a home and doesn’t continue paying for the service, is he “displaying” sheker? Would it be different if he wanted to put such a sign up in the first place (without subscribing to the service)?
2. Many hotels/attractions offer discounts if you are part of some sort of membership club (AAA etc.) Is it sheker to inquire if they offer a AAA discount if you are not a member (often they don’t ask for proof or they will accept an expired card)?
3. The receptionist in the hotel lent someone an item and asked for the room number. The person mistakenly said 123. When another person returned the item, the receptionist asked – is this from 123? Can you answer yes even though you are in a different room and it will be too difficult to explain that the first person made a mistake?
If you can provide mekoros too that would be great!

Thank you!



  1. You are allowed to keep the sign there and you don’t have to take it down. Regarding putting up the sign, without getting into the issue if you may use the companies sign without their permission, regarding sheker it is permitted to put up the sign. The reason is because a person is permitted to lie in order to prevent others from damaging him, such as to keep thieves out of your property.
  2. This should not be done, because it is fooling the them into thinking that you have one when you don’t and taking the service without paying what you are supposed to pay for it. You can however ask then for the discount without fooling them, and you might just get it.
  3. You may say yes it’s for room 123.

Have a gmar chasima tova


  1. איתא בנדרים מ”ב ב’ אמר רבא שרי ליה לצורבא מרבנן למימר עבדא דנורא אנא לא יהיבנא אכרגאהרי שכדי להפטר מהמכס שהוא פטור מזה מדינא מותר לו לשנות, וע’ ועי’ שו”ת הרשב”א ח”א סי’ פ”ד, וס’ ניב שפתים פ”ד -א.
  2. אסור להטות גוי ובפרט כשלוקחים דבר ממנו.ע’ חולין צד., שו”ע חושן משפט סי’ רכח סעי’ ו’ אסור לרמות בני אדם במקח וממכר או לגנוב דעתם.


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