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Enema on Yom Kippur


I might need to either eat pachos mikishiur or take a hydrating enema with vitamins to avoid dangerous dehydration or passing out since I have Crohn’s and possibly undiagnosed cancer and last year I almost passed out from dizziness. My question is, is there a pachos mikishiur requirement when getting nourishing benefits shelo derech achila like an enema of water and vitamins or can I take as much as I feel I need via enema? And is an enema any more advantages halachikly than eating pachos mikishiur or than swallowing food that’s been stuffed inside a 00 size enmpy capsule and drinking water that’s been mafgim by adding dental solution or antiparasitic liquid beforehand that makes it takes like a non-beverage (though I wouldn’t say it tastes vile) and less than the shiur as well, or is enema still better than this? Thank you.




Since an enema is not considered eating, it is the best option. So too, since an enema is not considered eating. there is no requirement of פחות מכשיעור.

g’mar chasima tova




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  1. Rav Elyashiv Ztz”l advised going on a drip before Yom Kippur as intravenous feeding is not considered achilah. This may be a much more comfortable option for you.

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