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Olam Haba


Will every person feel HOME in Olam Haba? Let’s say someone is an average person who did some good and some bad, used many opportunities well and missed other opportunities. Will they be healed and whole in Olam Haba?



Thank you for your question.

Essentially the most comfortable place for our neshoma is in the atmosphere of the one who created it. Therefore yes we will IY”H feel very at home in Olam Haba. However it is not just automatic, and the soul needs to enter Olam Haba in a clean state, the same way when we come to a wedding we take a shower, and put on nice clean clothing, so too in order to enter olam haba we will need to have out neshoma cleaned from all of it’s aveiros. This can be done in the next world, however it is very painful if it gets done over there. This is why we try to do teshuva in this world, and this is why Yom Kippur is such a happy day, for us, because it a day that Hashem cleans the spiritual dirt that our neshoma has gathered as a result of our aveiros.

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