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Laundry on rosh chodesh


Hello Rabbi,
I know many women have the custom not to do laundry on Rosh Chodesh and I do not. However, when staying with less observant relatives, one (female) washed sheets. Is it still okay for me to use them?


Thank you for your question.

The laundry may be used even if it was washed on Rosh Chodesh. There is a minhag that many women as it is a sort of Yom Tov for them, because they didn’t want to give their jewelry for the golden calf. Therefore they have a minhag not to do laundry of sew. However the severity if this minhag is not like a person who violated the Shabbos, which would forbid using the food that was cooked etc. Therefore the clothing may be used.

Best wishes

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  1. There’s no answer to this anywhere! Is it permitted for a Jew to mow the lawn or rake leaves on Rosh Chodesh, and/or can a Non-Jew be hired to do it for a Jew?

    1. It is permitted for the Jew to do it himself. Essentially on Rosh Chodesh we may do melacha. There are certain malachos however that women abstain from doing on Rosh Chodesh , such as laundry and sewing. Otherwise everything else is permitted.

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